Pumpkins and Snowmen?

Each year it seems stores are hauling out their Christmas merchandise and decorations earlier and earlier. I agree it’s a bit ridiculous, but rather than shaking your head in dismay when you see a snowman next to a jack o’lantern in a store, use it as a sign to notch your own Christmas preparations up … Continue reading Pumpkins and Snowmen?

My next projects

I thought I’d let you in on what I’m working on. I’m taking the same characters that were in “Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas” and advancing each story through spring, summer and fall. It’s a daunting project, because that’s 39 stories. Sometimes I’m using the same main character from a Christmas story. Sometimes … Continue reading My next projects

My Next Project(s)

My “other” lives have been getting in the way of my blogging, but here’s a little update on my next fiction project. It’s actually three projects in one, which is super-ambitious. I’m working on expanding each of the 13 stories in “Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas” to produce 39 additional stories that will … Continue reading My Next Project(s)

My Ideal Audience

Today’s assignment on Blogging 101 is to write a post directly to your intended audience. It you celebrate Christmas, that’s YOU! I don’t mean to be too commercial, but earlier this year I wrote and published a book called “Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas.” It contains 13 fictional short stories that are set … Continue reading My Ideal Audience

Christmas in July

July is the perfect time to work on your Christmas cards! If you’re like me, Christmas cards are easy to put on the back burner. Buying presents, wrapping them and shipping them take priority over getting your cards in the mail. I remember one Christmas Eve afternoon many years ago when I was a newlywed. … Continue reading Christmas in July